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Boris Kolar: “Gambling companies should think more long-term. Education is key!”

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Boris Kolar

After the Christmas & New Years break, we are obliged to resume our ‘industry leader’ talks about responsible gaming.

Our guest this week is Boris Kolar – current CEO at games’ provider Nutbet – who can boast a long experience in i-gaming working for the likes of Fanatik Gaming, Gaming Robotics, FullTilt Poker, Gamanza Group, Amaya, and B3W.

Below you can read an excerpt of our interesting interview:

Boris, how did your career in the gambling industry begin?
BK: I started as a developer. I wanted to develop games for children, but I ended up getting a job in the gambling industry instead.

From a customer perspective, what is your favourite product?
BK: Texas Hold’em Poker.

What do you like about the gambling industry?
BK: Products are relatively easy to develop, and the industry brings in good profits.

What would you tell young talents that are thinking to start a career in the industry?
BK: I’d say: you’ll be giving your customers what they want. Respect your customers decisions to gamble and work hard to give them an excellent product/service.

Name someone you admire professionally, and why?
BK: Roger Ver, for his efforts to promote Bitcoin and libertarian value.

If there was something you could change in every person, what would it be?
BK: Increase empathy and love of self.

What do you think will be the next big break-through in the industry?
BK: It’d say blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. Also, long term I think casinos and sports-betting will be less appealing to young generations.

Can you imagine a future without gambling?
BK: No, gambling is part of human nature.

If you had one sentence to convince world leaders to legalize gambling in their country, what would you tell them?
BK: It’d be very pragmatic: like with alcohol prohibition, prostitution and drugs, legalization is the only effective action against crime.

Do you think companies should do more in the field of Responsible Gaming?
BK: Yes, they should think long term and stop destroying customers for short term gain.

Do you think gambling ban is a solution for tackling gambling addiction?
BK: No, gambling is impossible to ban, you can only push it underground.

How can long term sustainability be achieved?
BK: Only education can help.

What would you tell your teenager child if you notice they start to show excitement toward gambling?
BK: I’d do my best to educate them, explaining how gambling and math work and why gambling is losing money long term.

Give an advice to current gamblers:
BK: Make sure you’re gambling for the right reason (to accept it as paid entertainment).

Is there something else you want to add for our readers?
BK: All industries are increasingly exploiting some forms of addiction, social games are a good example. Education is the key.

Thank you for your time, Boris!
BK: Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.